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Global Certification Solutions

Welcome to Envoy Aerospace

Envoy Aerospace is a group of dedicated professionals committed to providing an unsurpassed level of service when it comes to aircraft type certification solutions. Envoy Aerospace specializes in helping clients obtain U.S. (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for major design changes on aircraft.

As the aviation community becomes more and more globally oriented we provide assistance to our clients as they look to include foreign aircraft type approval to their modification programs.

Envoy is pleased to offer our services as an FAA STC Organization Designation Authorization (ODA). This delegation offers some additional autonomy over conventional certification methods. The goal of the ODA is to make certification timelines more predictable for the aircraft modifier and to alleviate FAA workload where warranted. The most noteworthy improvement to aircraft modifiers is access to the ODA in a manner consistent with the industry – seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

ODA does not fit all projects. There are many types of modifications that require conventional certification processes. Envoy continues to maintain our Partnership for Safety Program (PSP) with the FAA. The PSP allows us to work these conventional projects using management DER’s and the many individual designees still authorized by the FAA. Under PSP, we are able to provide service that parallels the ODA certification timelines very closely.

The Envoy leadership is passionate about aviation and we have assembled a great team of employees and contractors, all of whom are dedicated to providing top-shelf service.


“We have a team of engineering and certification specialists including ODA Unit Members (UM),
FAA Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) and FAA Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR) to cover all
of your needs. No matter what your certification needs, we can customize a certification package for you.”

Project Management

Certification Project Management, Management DERs, Certified Project Manager Professional (PMP), Program Management

Electrical Systems Approvals

Detailed design and installation, equipment qualification tests, software (Level A and below), service documents, electrical load analysis, safety analysis, and lightning/HIRF protection

Structures Approvals

Fuselage mounted large radomes and antennas, materials and process specifications, damage tolerance evaluation, structural loading limitations, static, dynamic and fatigue analysis, interior compliance, design and construction, flammability compliance, bird strike analysis, lightning strike analysis, airworthiness limitations

Mechanical Systems Approvals

Detailed design and installation, equipment qualification testing, software, safety analysis, cooling compliance, flammability compliance, lightning/HIRF protection and Icing analysis.

Issue Airworthiness Certificates

Special Airworthiness Certificates, Standard Airworthiness Certificates, Special Flight Permits, Replacement Airworthiness Certificates

ICA and EWIS ICA Documents

Accept Principle ICA and approve Airworthiness Limitations, Approve Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS) Instructions for Continued Airworthiness.

Foreign CAA Certification

Across the globe we work with many airlines and system integrators to ensure their certification programs meet FAA regulations. We also assist our customers with foreign validation efforts around the world.

Major Alterations/Major Repairs

FAA DER data approvals in support of major alterations or repairs, FAA DER data approval for return to service provisions.

Flight Test Pilot/Analyst Approvals

Ground and flight test plans and reports, Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS), flight test instrumentation, weight and balance surveillance, flight test data recording, flight test data reduction/analysis, flight test data expansion (altitude, temperature, weight), compile performance substantiation reports.