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Envoy Aerospace

Envoy Aerospace is a group of dedicated professionals with a proven track record in aircraft type design certification. We have traveled the United States and the world assisting customers with FAA and foreign CAA approvals for all kinds of product development and retrofit programs.

When we say “Global Certification Specialists”, we mean it!

Envoy Aerospace

As an ODA and PSP, we cover most of the certification specialties required for certification. Under PSP we are fortunate to have four Management DER’s. These Management DER’s allow our PSP to work at efficiency levels and FAA involvement levels that rival ODA. The greatest improvement in delivery time comes from reducing FAA workload. Using ODA or PSP allows us to assist the FAA to the greatest extent possible. Whatever certification approach is used, we have a track record for producing certification solutions on time.

What's In a Name

Envoy [én-vòy] def. n. official representative, a messenger on behalf of a higher authority.

Envoy Aerospace

In the truest sense of the word, we are not only ambassadors for you, our customer, but we are ambassadors for the FAA. As certification specialists, we are in the unique position of representing your needs to the FAA or foreign CAA. In return, our delegations make us representatives of the FAA and we are expected to be their eyes, ears and voice. An Envoy defines the very essence of ambassadorship. We are your advocate. We are the FAA’s advocate. We will work tirelessly to blend the two together to achieve a final product that meets everyone’s needs.

We travel the world to support our client’s projects.

Global Certification Specialists – it’s not just a tag line,
it’s what we do.


The very backbone of our organization. In every project, we handle sensitive and proprietary information from our clients. You rely on our integrity to protect that information. Our most powerful motivation is the prospect of continuing business with you. Having and maintaining your trust is fundamental to that opportunity. We have demonstrated this commitment to our clients for years.

You can be assured that integrity remains at the very cornerstone of Envoy Aerospace.

Our Services

We have a team of engineering and certification specialists including Designated Engineering Representatives (DER), Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR) and Unit Members (UM) to cover all of your needs.


Contact Info

Envoy Aerospace, LLC
75 Executive Drive, Suite 313
Aurora, IL 60504


Representative Projects

  • Complete cabin interior including new galleys, lavatories and monuments for Boeing 767-300, 747-400, 777-200.
  • Verifying aircraft compatibility for use of wireless (Wi-Fi) and cellular data technologies on multiple Boeing and Airbus models.